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We are growing community of smoking engineers who enjoy rolling and relaxing. We will be bringing tutorials of our own cool joints with easy to follow guides, our tutorials will always be straight to the point and kept as short as possible with good camera angles using HD quality footage. You can submit your own 420 tutorial either using the link above or in our forums, clear credit to the tutorial master will always be given.

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Here at 420Guide we plan to cover every aspect of smoking, we will soon be bringing you a brand new section on how to make your own bongs out of household items such as bottles, fruit and more. Although it is fun to make your own smoking tools, we recommend that you find a bong for sale online as these give a much smoother experience. Like all of our tutorials we shall be going into depth on every step so that every smoker can join in. If you are more interested in a higher quality product, you can buy one from a bong shop in the USA at the previous link.

420guide plans on growing into the biggest rolling tutorials website online, we are looking to add new exclusive tutorials every week bringing you awesome and impressive rolls. You will find our videos on youtube but for full clarification we suggest visiting our website, that way you can read along on how to roll without rewinding and relying on a video. We always appreciate submits from the 420guide community but unfortunately we do not list all of these on our website (all forum submits are welcome), for your rolling tutorial to be listed on our website please make sure your pictures / videos are HD quality, your text is simple and easy to understand and that the tutorial does not already exist in our database.